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Dream Big - PRESALE ( 20% DISCOUNT )

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Skechers 2013 Super Bowl Commercial Stunt REALY Real


Check out Jesse La Flair as the young guy who steals Joe Montana’s ball and gets tackled by Ronnie Lott in This new Ad  for Relaxed fit shoes by Skechers airing Super Bowl weekend. The Ad features two of the greatest 49ers players to ever grace the gridiron: Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana and Hall of Fame safety Ronnie Lott. Premiering Saturday, February 2 on ESPN2’s College All-Star Challenge, and again on Super Bowl Sunday with an abbreviated spot during the second quarter, the Skechers Relaxed Fit commercial uses humor to showcase how Montana stays cool under pressure wearing Relaxed Fit footwear.

Jesse La Flair had the great opportunity to work with Joe Montana and Ronnie Lott, it might have been another day of work for this Professional Parkour athlete and Stunt Actor but that didn’t mean it was a walk in the park. The hit seen below was a full speed hit that was not ramped or cheated in any way. Image

In fact the take you are seeing in the spot was the 10th attempt at making the hit hard enough to provoke a visually impressive reaction. Jesse said “Whats ironic about the whole thing is in order to sell the hit best I had to “Relax” and forget that I was about to get hit at full speed from behind. The number one question I keep getting is ‘Did it hurt?’ and my response is, not to bad… Just couldn’t do much for three weeks afterwords because of a brused kidney and some gnarly whiplash. But thats what comes with the job and I love entertaining and getting to collaborate with such amazing talent.”

To see the incredible freerunning skills of Jesse La Flair go to,

To see the Skechers commercial staring Joe Montana, Ronnie Lott and Jesse La Flair



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How To Get Started In Something NEW – Parkour or Freerunning

How to get started (Don’t feel like reading – Watch The Video Instead)
“There are 2 mistakes you can make in life, Not Starting and Not Finishing… (Adapted Buddha quote)
This goes for anything new we are trying to accomplish something in. 
I am often emailed or message daily by people looking to start doing parkour and freerunning. They often lead off by telling me there age, height and or weight. And though I don’t believe any question that comes from the heart is a stupid question, what I do believe is that there is a very easy answer, which is to just start. Its pretty simple,  you can’t be a beginner if you never begin. 
But more importantly what I find wrong is, the way people ask this question. By putting there age, height and weight. It shows me that they are comparing themselves to others, or assuming I will by use of this information. And because our minds want to know where we fit into the scheme of things, its something that we naturally do as humans as a way to situate ourselves mentally. So, instead of training our minds to stop comparing altogether, why not simply redirect the comparison to a past and a present self—and keep the comparison within? 
My life has always consisted of trying to make my dreams, my goals and my goals, my reality. But to often I think people get blinded by the ultimate goal. I want to be rich, I want to be pro at this or that, or whatever. And please understand I am not telling you to not dream big. Dream as big as you want but know that dreams are only things that happen in our heads. So I urge you to make your dreams into goals but don’t spend excessive amounts of time trying to figure out each and every step on how to achieve them. Because next thing you know you have wasted the only thing that ultimately defeats us in being able to accomplish things, TIME. Sometimes its tough to start something without planing it all out. But lets face it we can never be fully in control of whats going to happen in our future anyway so must just start to move like Newtons first law sugest once an object is in motion it tends to remain in motion and An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force acts upon it. You need to be the unbalanced force and push yourself to move. Even the smallest steps forward will move us in the right direction if we allow it to. Progression no matter how small or large is still progression.
If you have ever tried to build a house of cards you already know how important it is to take the time placing each card down, because taking your time with each one will allow the ability to continue to build on what you have. And if we focus on the little jobs like placing each card down the best we can the big jobs tend to take car of themselves and the next thing you know you have a mansion, well at least a big house of cards… 
Just know no one has any one thing completely figured out. And everyone who is an expert at something had to start somewhere. We are all beginners at some point unless we never begin. But we have to take chances, sometimes they are worth it and other times they are not, but you will never know until you try. And knowing is worth more then questioning what if. Don’t you think?”
-Jesse La Flair

Did you spot Jesse La Flair during the OLYMPIC opening ceremony?

No he wasn’t actually in London, but if you watched tonights opening cerimonies there was a good chance you saw him (or should I say his abs…) doing a 40ft backflip off of a cliff in the premier of Fruit of the Loom’s “Move to Comfort” Anthem commercial.

Missed it? Check out the extended version below…

Fruit of the Loom “Move to Comfort” commercial Sneak Peek!

Fruit of the Loom released a little teaser for their new commercial which Jesse stars in! The full verision will be premiered on NBC during the Olympics Opening Ceremony Friday July 27th! How cool is that!? Stay tuned. But for now check out the teaser…

Team Tempest in Casio G’zOne Commando commercial

Jesse had the pleasure of being a part of a commercial for the Casio phone G’zOne Commando and even better he got to shoot alongside his teammates from Team Tempest & family! Take a look at this parkour & freerunning jammed spot:

Also check out this interview with Jesse along with his Tempest Teammates Frosti, Luci, & Paul discussing everything Parkour & Freerunning

American Ninja Warrior Finals

Jesse’s Vegas Final run is this Monday 9:0PM on NBC. Don’t Miss it!


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